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Reviews for Vital Life Chiropractic

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Shoulder Tightness

Rita HollearnHello my name is Rita and this is my chiropractic story…

When I first came to Vital Life I was working at a desk 8 hours a day. Sitting that long, all day every day, created a lot of tension in my shoulders/upper back. It also made my posture so much worse! Also, last year, I hurt my low back and ever since then I struggled with anything that required me to bend over. This caused me a lot of frustration because I couldn’t do the things I wanted to do and enjoy.

Since seeing Dr. Zak ALL of my symptoms are gone. I am very happy and amazed that regular chiropractic adjustments corrected my symptoms!

I am very thankful for Dr. Zak and his staff.

Low Back Pain

Riley KammererHello my name is Riley and this is my chiropractic story…

I first came to see Dr. Zak for low back pain and poor posture. After a couple of horse wrecks and multiple injuries while ranching, my back had deteriorated. I had lived with this pain for over 5 years.

Before seeing Dr. Zak I would experience headaches, low back pain, neck pain and recurrent ear infections (which I don’t get anymore). At times I could feel the pain shoot down my legs, each day was a struggle. My mood was also affected, I was easily agitated and grumpy.

I had been to see three other chiropractors before I met Dr. Zak and he was the only one to take the time to figure out how to correct my injuries. Dr. Zak has taken me well past maintaining my pain and into corrective care. My wife and three daughters also come to see him. We are firm believers in chiropractic and Dr. Zak is great with our girls.

I am thankful for Dr. Zak and his staff, my life has drastically changed for the better.


Tyson BrownHello my name is Tyson and this is my chiropractic story…

I started to come see Dr. Zak when I was 8 years old (I’m 12 now). Ever since I was little I had trouble concentrating, speaking, listening, I hated loud noises, I hated when plans changed and I had major anxiety. This made school difficult for me, I wasn’t able to communicate the way I wanted to.

Since coming to see Dr. Zak, every single symptom that I was having is now managed or is easier to manage. This makes my family and I very happy!

When I started coming to Vital Life I couldn’t read (only a few words), after a few months of precise adjustments, I was reading full sentences without a problem!

My family and I are so thankful for Dr. Zak and his staff. We can’t wait to see where life takes me!

Low Back Pain

Selby GrahamHello my name is Selby and this is my chiropractic story…

Since I was in junior high I always fought lower back pain in sports that made activities difficult. I have suffered from leg pain/numbness and fatigue as well. This made me a lot more irritable and moody.

Since getting adjusted consistently I am happier, have more energy throughout the day, decreased pain and I am able to overcome stressful situations with ease.

I look forward to my upcoming appointments so I can better my life even more!

Low Back Pain

Brandon Foster
Hello my name is Brandon and this is my chiropractic story…

In 2014 I had back surgery and a few years in I started to have the pain return & my wife convinced me to give Dr. Zak a try. I had extreme low back pain that radiated down my leg. It got to the point where I was depressed, the pain was taking a toll on my mental health. Since getting adjusted regularly my pain is gone and I have better overall mental health! I am able to golf as much as I want, which is very important to me. I am also working on better health practices.

Coming to see Dr. Zak was the best decision I have made for my health, I feel like family at Vital Life. They truly care about me and my health!

Back Pain and Depression

Savannah Shaw
Hello my name is Savannah and this is my chiropractic story…

As a hairdresser my back has bothered me for the last 3-5 years, but a year ago I was bucked off my horse and I hurt my lower back/ hips. The pain felt like a tight rope that was lit on fire. It made it hard to work or even hold my head in a comfortable position. It also made it hard to work at the ranch and ride horses.

Since getting adjusted regularly I have minimal pain. I was also previously diagnosed with depression and I was taking medication for it on and off for 10 years! Since seeing Dr. Zak I haven’t taken one pill or had any form of anxiety and my moods are more balanced! I even have a more positive outlook on life!

I am thankful for Dr. Zak and his staff, my life has completely changed!

Back Pain and Sinus Trouble

Larry Brock
Hello my name is Larry and this is my chiropractic story…

When I was in college my car was hit by a ¾ ton truck that ran a stop sign. I did not have my seat belt on and suffered a compressed vertebrae in my neck. I didn’t have any medical treatment for that injury. As time went on I had back pain, headaches and sinus problems. Years later I FINALLY gave chiropractic a try.

Since getting adjusted regularly I have minimal pain. Some additional benefits have been, no sinus trouble, fewer headaches, lower blood pressure readings and more energy!

Thank you Dr. Zak and staff!

Low Weight and Refusal to Eat

Lucoa Glick
Hello my name is Lucia and this is my chiropractic story…

When my mom was 28 weeks pregnant with me I was diagnosed with IUGR (intrauterine growth restriction). I was born a couple of weeks early and had a 2 week stay in the hospital. After that, I developed a bottle/ nursing aversion. I refused to eat for months! I had very low weight gain and I was diagnosed as failure to thrive.

Since getting adjusted regularly I am able to eat like a normal baby and I have increased my weight. I finally made it onto a growth curve and I am ahead in developmental milestones!

Dr. Zak and chiropractic have changed my life, my family and I are so thankful!

Knee Pain

kyle Schissel
Hello my name is Kyle and this is my chiropractic story…

Before coming to see Dr. Zak I had been suffering with knee pain for about 6 years. I love to exercise and this pain was affecting/stopping me from reaching my full potential. I couldn’t find an exercise I could do without a lot of pain.

Since getting adjusted regularly I am able to exercise daily, I am sleeping better, I am less anxious and I have a lot more energy.

I am thankful for Dr. Zak and his staff, he has really helped/is still helping me reach the full potential of my health!

Sleep Apnea

Hello this is my chiropractic story…

Years ago I was in a car accident that caused severe whiplash which led to frequent headaches. Also, for several years, I have suffered from sleep apnea at a fairly severe level. I was constantly tired, there was no escaping it.

Since getting adjusted regularly I have been having way fewer headaches and my sleep apnea is completely gone! I hated that CPAP machine but now it is part of my history thanks to Dr. Zak! I am so excited to have more energy and be able to do the things I love.

I am very thankful for Dr. Zak and his staff!

Oden’s chiropractic story…

Two weeks after birth, our son, Oden, was put on hypoallergenic formula due to intolerance and stomach issues. He experienced forceful vomiting, constant stomach aches, excessive crying, and little sleep.

The change of formula wasn’t helping and we were struggling to find answers. We wanted to do anything and everything we could to help our baby! We are so thankful and blessed to have found Dr. Zak at Vital Life Chiropractic. We now have a happy, healthy baby boy that is easier to feed, rests well, and is MUCH happier. 100 % turn around!

Grateful parents of Oden

Neutzling Family’s chiropractic story…

We first came to Dr. Zak for my son Liam who was only 6 weeks old at the time. Liam was starting to experience some discomfort. He was having trouble nursing, sleeping, and for a lack of better words pooping. It was so hard for me to see Liam go through this and we were unable to help his discomfort, so I started to seek out other ways to help him. I talked with a colleague about her experiences with a chiropractor and she shared with me how much it helped her son through many of the same symptoms that Liam was going through. I knew we needed to try something for Liam, our family had not experienced going to a chiropractor so I began researching and found out about Vital Life and how much experience and expertise that Dr. Zak had with pediatric care. When I first brought Liam to Dr. Zak is everyone made us feel like our family was so important to them and that they wanted to do everything they could to help him. It was as if they had known us for years even though we had just met. As a nervous mom, bringing in my 6-week-old baby into an experience that was new for all of us I was so thankful for how they took their time to talk with me about how chiropractic care would help Liam and they explained the why to me, their expertise put me at ease.

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After our first visit with Dr. Zak Liam started to show immediate signs of relief from his care. He continued to see Dr. Zak regularly and as he got older, he started to get ear infections often, we mentioned this to Zak and he immediately checked him and continued to help whenever Liam would show signs of getting an ear infection. I cannot express enough how amazed I was with how thoughtful and caring Dr. Zak was with my son Liam. I could go on and on about our first experience at Vital life and how happy we were about our first experience. My husband and I both decided that we would also like to start our own journey at Vital Life with Dr. Zak.

I have lived with pain from a bulged disk in my lower back since high school and before coming to see Dr. Zak, I had decided that I would just have to deal with the pain. My husband has also experience lower back pain, knee pain from an injury while being in the military, and heartburn that was effecting his daily life. We both started coming to Dr. Zak regularly and have seen great results for all of the symptoms and our overall health as improved greatly!

Dr. Zak has made a huge positive impact for my entire family! My son Riley who is now six always came with us to our appointments but never decided on his own that he wanted Dr. Zak to adjust him until just this year. Dr. Zak built a trusting relationship with Riley where he now asked us when he gets to see Dr. Zak again. Riley has talked to us about how he believes that he has become a better hockey player in his first year playing because he is now seeing Dr. Zak! (Pretty Powerful statement from a six year old).

Thank you to Dr. Zak and the Vital Life Team!
Neutzling Family


My name is Amanda Coleman for years I suffered from anxiety, bowel issues, depression, severe allergies, and chronic abdominal and back pain.

I was overmedicated and unable to participate in any sort of physical activity or exercise. I felt consumed by my pain and hopeless. Life had become difficult and I was very depressed.

Since I have begun seeing Dr. Zak my focus is on LIVING now! My pain is gone! My energy level has done a 360°. I can engage with my children and have joined a fitness group. I am able to enjoy running and hiking again. My body is functioning again and with no medications! I have started working again and am happy!

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My body/mind can fully function. I’m no longer focused on which medication or which treatment to try next. I am forever grateful for the VLC team and most of all Dr. Zak Alfstad! His compassion, faith based practice, and silly sense of humor have been the perfect medicine for me. My physical, emotional, and mental state are all functioning better -better than they ever have! There are no words to thank Dr. Zak for his skill and the compassion that he expresses

Love & Prayers
Amanda Coleman


Hi, my name is Winter and this is my chiropractic story…

I first came to Dr. Zak after my mom asked my doctor if there could be a physical reason I was still not fully potty-trained at 5 years old and just starting Kindergarten. What happened after meeting Dr. Zak was unlike anything our family could have ever expected.

After the initial exam, Dr. Zak was able to help us understand what was happening with my body and explain many of my symptoms. From a very young age, I have displayed unpredictable and sporadic symptoms. In the last couple of years, I had been to doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, behavior management, and early intervention professionals. All these professionals agreed that there were severe symptoms of developmental delays, communication delays, behavioral issues, mood disturbances, incontinence, attention deficits, destructiveness, hyperactivity, and extreme insomnia, along with night terrors, anxiety, and paranoia. No one had any answers, and everyone had told my parents there was little hope for my future.

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My mom and I came to Vital Life hoping we could get me help staying dry. We got that help and so much more. When we came to the examination results appointment, Dr. Zak explained things like subluxations and where they were on my body, and the symptoms they could be causing. We had been looking for these answers of why I had these symptoms for so long. Even more, Dr. Zak said he could help. My mom left my examination results appointment crying of joy and hope, for the first time.

Since I have started getting adjusted, my home and school life has improved tremendously, in a short period of time. My medication doses are already lower, and we’re hopeful with more adjustments, I eventually can come off them completely. I am sleeping regularly and in healthy amounts for the first time in my life. My mood and behavior are more under control than ever before. I am making leaps and bounds of progress in my development and communication goals. I am taking big steps in catching up academically. I am excited for all the ways my life is improving from adjustments. I always look forward to seeing everyone at my appointments. Overall, my life and the lives of my family are happier and healthier because of Vital Life Chiropractic. We still have a long road ahead, but we are so hopeful that with Dr. Zak’s help; it is a much brighter path to the future.

Lots of Love,
Winter Rusk and family


Nancy headshot

Hi, my name is Nancy and this is my chiropractic story…

If I could reward Dr. Zak and his staff in proper proportion to what I’ve received from Vital Life…All their dreams would come true, all their wishes would be granted, and all their prayers would be answered!

I have struggled with severe, often debilitating, back, hip and leg pain for nearly 20 years. I have had more MRI’s than I can count, numerous other tests, sought help in a number of states, had steroid and other injections, a rhizotomy (procedure that uses radio frequency to destroy the nerve fibers causing pain), acupuncture, and more treatments than I can even remember! None of these provided much relief. The pain took me out of many aspects of life, especially travel, gardening, exercise of many kinds, even just attending simple social events and all important sleep. There were two years where I was pretty much home-bound and in excruciating pain almost 24 hours a day and truly despaired of life. The only help I received came in the form of a strong narcotic, the amount of which I had to increase last December as my pain level had risen once again.

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I went to Dr. Zak a complete skeptic but he was so enthusiastic and he was certain he could help. The first and biggest difference I found at Vital Life was the time put in to proper diagnosis through testing and skilled observation. Dr. Zak had an actual PLAN to follow in placing my spine in proper alignment so my nervous system could function more effectively.

In all honesty the adjustments sometimes, as I was advised, increased my pain for a few hours; however, in just a few weeks I had improvement. Probably the biggest indicator being the wonderful gift of reducing my narcotic pain meds! That had not happened…well…ever!

In three months I was able to cut the amount of medication I took in half, return to regular exercise, skip icing every afternoon, sleep the night through and wrestle my grandkids!

Anyone who knows me knows this is a huge change. My husband says he has a wife again and I am able to participate in all facets of life! This truly is a miracle proportion and my gratitude to Dr. Zak and crew is beyond measure! I really do have a new life!

I have referred at least a dozen friends to Dr. Zak and their testimonies are incredible as well. The staff is so professional, caring, committed to excellence, educating you about chiropractic care and, most importantly, you as a person.

In all honesty and appreciation,
Nancy E. – Rapid City, SD


Vital Life Chiropractic Review

Hi, my name is Judy and this is my chiropractic story…

I first came in to see Dr. Zak for my carpal tunnel and I was also having neck and back issues. I have been dealing with carpal tunnel for the last 10 years or better, my hands would sleep all night but I wouldn’t sleep at all! I also had trouble holding onto anything without my hands falling asleep. I had a previous injury that was causing muscle spasms in my shoulder and a stiff neck. About 15 years ago I had a bad fall while roller skating and had injured my lower back which was also still giving me grief! Sometimes my back would keep me in bed for days at a time because it hurt so bad I couldn’t move.

I had recently developed plantar fasciitis and was having trouble walking so I came in a few extra times and it has greatly improved to the point of me hardly noticing it anymore!

I am happy to report my hands have improved tremendously and they no longer fall asleep more than me! I am able to move freely without any pain in my hands, neck, or shoulders! My back hasn’t gone out since coming in to see Dr. Zak! I am able to do and enjoy so much more of my life now!

I am so appreciative of all Dr. Zak has done for me, my daily life is so improved, love that guy and his staff!

Judy H. – Rapid City, SD

Take a walk with me, WITHOUT surgery

Hi, my name is Pam and this is my chiropractic story…

Several years ago, I started experiencing horrible pain in my knee. The pain kept intensifying as time went on, and eventually to the point where I was barely able to walk. I eventually had x-rays taken which indicated that there was very littPrle cartilage in my knee cap, most would think to turn to surgery asap- but I was determined that I would NOT have surgery.

When I first started seeing Dr.Zak; I was a little hesitant that the adjustments would be able to help with the issues I had been dealing with for so long. Looking at where I am today, is amazing. I can now walk without limping, pain free, AND without the dreaded surgery!

I thank the Lord for Dr. Zak and his excellent chiropractic care.

Pam R. – Belle Fourche, SD

Life Changing

Hi I’m Laura, and this is my chiropractic story….

I first went to Dr. Zak because I just hurt, something was not right, something was seriously wrong with me. He got me in right away and took time out of his evening to see me. It was a shock to him and to me that I had cord pressure (a rare occurrence where your atlas is so far out of alignment that it inflames your entire spinal cord). Right away after the first adjustment there was a huge difference, everything was apparent to me then like I was awake again. It took a couple days to get my bearings, but it was like waking up from a coma. Before I was in such a fog, waking up was completely life changing for me. At some point I think I had probably had this before, but nobody ever found it or discussed with me how serious it was.

In addition to getting rid of my cord pressure, other life changing things have been happening. My blood sugar levels (I have hypoglycemia) have completely leveled out, I’m eating better, more energy, and sleeping has been great! I feel like I haven’t slept in years! I thought my hypoglycemia was switching to type 2 diabetes, with everything else going on with my huge weight loss (over a year I lost 35 pounds, normally weigh about 160) and loss in muscular stature. I was just weak. It has taken a bit but that is also coming back. I also thought I may have had Adrenal Dumping Disorder so I was taking Drenamin from Standard Process, but now I don’t need to do that either.

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One of the biggest parts of this is I was having little seizures before and now those are gone!
That’s why it’s important to keep everything straight. I feel people need to listen to their body. Let their mind change their body. If your body is not right, instead of festering on it, change it! People ask me all the time what I’ve been doing and I put Dr. Zak’s name out there every time.

Why didn’t someone catch this sooner? For all I know I was born that way, I was a naughty kid ie. ADHD, dyslexia. My parents are like “Holy moly who are you?” I wish parents would also pay more attention to their children and their structure. It would make a huge difference in the life that they could have. Your time is very important.

Laura C. – Spearfish

Hips and Back

Vital Life Chiropractic Reviews

Hi, my name is Chris and this is my chiropractic story…

My lovely wife started to see Dr. Zak during her pregnancy and had such a good experience that she urged me to go in and get checked for the issues I was having with my back and hips. I had seen other chiropractors over the last 6-7 years for this reason and hadn’t had very much relief.

One day I woke up and couldn’t walk because the pain in my hips was so bad. Enough was enough, I have a very labor intensive job washing windows and I needed to be able to work! Not only were my hips and back preventing me from working, I was also having trouble sleeping and walking on a regular basis which was contributing to my daily fatigue.

Since being seen on a regular basis I have noticed great improvement in all aspects of my life. I sleep better, work more efficiently, I don’t wake up sore, and I have more energy to enjoy my family! I hardly ever have any sort of pain or stiffness in my back and hips and I have also been free from allergies since seeing Dr. Zak! This was an extra bonus because I was taking OTC allergy medicine daily and haven’t had to take any for 2 years and counting! Thank you Dr. Zak for keeping me healthy!

Chris B. – Rapid City, SD

Severe Chronic Migraines

Vital Life Chiropractic Reviews

Hi, I’m Brooke and this is my chiropractic story…

For over 6 years I suffered with chronic migraines, and they just kept getting worse. I was taking a lot of medications, which was doing more harm than good. I was dealing with migraines almost every day and very sick. After my fifth trip to the E.R. in a year, and many doctors and chiropractors, I was referred to Dr. Zak. After just one adjustment my migraines were gone and I was able to get off all my medications and be healthier because of it. Now thanks to Dr. Zak I can have a life again! It has now been almost 3 months without a migraine and I feel better than ever!

I am so thankful that Dr. Zak cares and listens to his patients like he does. He treats me like family and that’s something I am very grateful for.

Brooke E. – Union Center



Hi, my name is Hunter and this is my chiropractic story…

I came to see Dr. Zak for an ankle injury that occurred during a Friday night lights football game. After seeing several doctors I was given the terrible diagnosis that I would never play again. My girlfriend told me to get an opinion from her chiropractor and so I did. Dr. Zak was confident that he would be able to help get me back on the field and playing football again.

He adjusted me a few times a week and by the end of week two I was back on the field! I didn’t miss much playing time and I was able to help my team make it to the state championship which we ended up winning with the final touchdown ran in by me! It was such an exciting year on the field and I couldn’t have done it without the help of Dr. Zak. He is a really good guy.

I can’t begin to explain the positive impacts specific chiropractic care has had on my daily life and with my athletic performance. I just feel so much better and I play better than ever before! Thank you for all you have done Dr. Zak.

Hunter W. – Upton, WY


I have suffered from diabetes for the last ten years. My A1C levels have always been high and diabetes is an extremely difficult disease to regulate. It also affects your limbs, which would go often go numb and affect my ability to get things done. I originally came in to see Dr. Zak for issues I was having in my hips, legs and shoulders. I was having a hard time getting work done and I was also having trouble sleeping over the last five years due to these issues and I decided it was time to try something new.

After coming in to see Dr. Zak for only a few short months I am happy to report that my A1C levels are below the national average! I also haven’t had any issues with my hips and I am sleeping much better! I have more energy, I am told that I am less cranky, I have a lot less numbness, and I just feel better mentally!

I really enjoy coming to my appointments, the staff is great and it is actually really fun! I am grateful for finding Vital Life Chiropractic and Dr. Zak.

Delbert C. – Red Owl, SD

Menstrual Issues and Depression

I first came to see Dr. Zak when my mom recommended I check him out for my low back issues I had been having at work. I had been dealing with this issue for over a year. I had a hard time simply getting through my day at work and for being only twenty years old this seemed ridiculous! I have also suffered from serious menstrual issues my entire life and was put on Depovera at a young age to help ease the abnormally long and heavy periods I had. I seemed to always be in a bad mood and I was looking into getting on an anti-depressant. I could never get to sleep at night and when I finally did I would often wake up throughout the night, never feeling fully rested I would sleep until two in the afternoon most days.

From the first day that I came in to see Dr. Zak he urged me to not get on any anti-depressants, he said he could help my mood, menstrual issues and my back through specific chiropractic adjustments.

I am happy to say that I took his advice and here I am writing this so that other people will do the same! I have since gotten off of Depovera and have normal periods that are light and only last 3 days! I no longer deal with any back issues and my mood has changed drastically! I sleep better and I sleep through the night waking up early and ready to start my day. I feel like a new person, I would never see anyone else for chiropractic care and I am so thankful that Dr. Zak talked me out of taking anti-depressants!

Thank you Dr. Zak!

Liz C. – Rapid City, SD


I first came to Dr. Zak for neck pain from a car accident and possible injuries from when I was younger. I suffered from neck and back pain on and off for years. When I would see a chiropractor I felt better for a while but I wasn’t a consistent patient. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant again after our daughter was born but were unsuccessful for five years.

I had started a healthier lifestyle and was training for a half marathon along with getting principled chiropractic care from Dr. Zak. He focused on adjusting my sports related injuries in my hips, shins, and calves. After the half marathon, Dr. Zak started adjusting me specifically for infertility issues. After only a few adjustments from Dr. Zak focusing on this specific area, I found out that I was pregnant! I couldn’t believe that after trying for so long it was finally happening. My husband and I now have a beautiful baby boy! We couldn’t be more excited to be adding to our family!

I’ve become a faithful, consistent patient because I have experienced what principled chiropractic care can do. Thank you so much Dr. Zak!

Ann – Spearfish, SD

Anxiety and Sleep

I first came to see Dr. Zak for my anxiety that I had been dealing with for about three years. I would worry about everything until I would get sick to my stomach. I cried all the time and I was never able to sleep through the night. I suffered from terrible stomach pains and constipation as well.

I worried about everything! Whether or not I would be able to sleep or if I would be able to participate at school in my Christmas concert. I couldn’t even stay the night at my grandparent’s house without a lot of tears and the fears. I always needed to know where my parents were and when they would be back.

After seeing Dr. Zak, I was feeling better within two weeks! I feel like my light is back on and I am loving life like a typical 9 year old girl should! I sleep through the night and I don’t worry when my parents leave anymore. I don’t ask where they are going and who is going to be there or even when they will be back! When my parents ask me to do something on my own to help out I am now able to do it without hesitation! I am myself again and I couldn’t be any happier. Dr. Zak makes it fun to get adjusted and I am always excited to go see him!

Thank you Dr. Zak!

RyLee P. – Faith, SD


I started going to Dr. Zak a few years ago for shoulder pain. After having been a patient of his for quite a while, I told him that I have always had a hard time falling asleep at night. I would toss and turn all night long! I used to have a routine that I had to follow which included taking Melatonin every night or I wouldn’t get any sleep. Even with the routine I had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep.

I really didn’t think much of mentioning this before because I didn’t think this was something my chiropractor could help with. I had never heard of anyone seeking help from their chiropractor for insomnia! However, since mentioning it to him, I have been falling asleep and staying asleep most nights without having to take any melatonin at all!

I am no longer tired all day and awake all night. I have more energy during the day and, because I am sleeping better at night, it is easier to stay alert and focused during class! Dr. Zak is amazing!

Thank you Dr. Zak!

Adessa M. – Whitewood, SD

Migraines and Constipation


I have had problems sleeping since birth, I constantly woke up every night until the age of six. I always had dark circles and bags under my eyes. At age four I started dealing with stomach pain and constipation on a weekly basis. I ended up in the Emergency Department and the only thing they told my parents was to give me Miralax to help with symptoms for constipation. My headaches started when I was five and became worse with each passing month. The headaches would make me sensitive to light and any noise going on around me. Black Hills Pediatrics told me that I would battle migraines my entire life and there was nothing that would help.

When my parents brought me in to see Dr. Zak he was confident that he could help me with everything that I was dealing with. I started coming in to get adjusted in late October of 2015 and by November I already felt so much better! I haven’t had a headache, any stomach pain or had any constipation since November! I have been sleeping through the night, I no longer have dark circles and bags under my eyes and I am much more energetic! I don’t have to deal with being fatigued and having pain anymore and no more visits to Black Hills Pediatrics! Now my entire family comes in to see Dr. Zak!

I am a very happy and thankful little girl!


Heart and Lung Issues

This is my chiropractic story…

For four months I had struggled with a viral infection that affected my heart and lungs. I had high blood pressure, very low heart rate, difficulty breathing and I was unable to do any physical activity. I went from being very physically active to sleeping for 16-18 hours a day from exhaustion. I also have always struggled with insomnia. I had seen many different doctors and they had given me no answers and it was frustrating. At one point I was told that I had pulmonary hypertension or possible heart failure, at 34 years old that is very shocking. That was when my good friend told me to check out Dr. Zak at Vital Life Chiropractic!

Since coming in to see Dr. Zak I am proud to say that I am back to running three days a week and I am able to work outside every day! My blood pressure is back to normal, my heart rate is good and the exhaustion is completely gone! I now have the best sleep of my life and my physical endurance has almost returned completely! Dr. Zak’s approach to whole body function is life changing!

Thank you Dr. Zak!

~Anonymous – Sturgis, SD

Bad Headaches

Hi, my name is John and this is my chiropractic story…

I first came to see Dr. Zak for issues I was having in my joints that I have been dealing with for about 15 years. I have suffered from low back pain for a good 40 years, hip pain a good 20 years, and BAD headaches for around 7 years. I would honestly say I just couldn’t function very well. Running my own business and dealing with the pain and the constant headaches was taking its toll on me. Life just wasn’t as enjoyable as I knew it should be.

…so with the advice of my wife, I came in to see Dr. Zak!

Since my very first adjustment I have not experienced a headache. NOT A SINGLE HEADACHE! I began seeing Dr. Zak only 3 months ago and my issues in my joints and back are already getting so much better! My wife and I are beyond thankful and happy that we found Dr. Zak.

We appreciate all he has done so very much!

Thank you Dr. Zak!

~John S. – Belle Fourche, SD

Ear Infections

Hi, my name is Priscilla and this is my chiropractic story…

I first came to see Dr. Zak about one month after I was born! My mom had seen Dr. Zak while she was pregnant with me and she wants me to grow up healthy and strong. My whole family comes in to get checked every two weeks so that our bodies are able to function properly!

In January of 2016 I was exceptionally cranky, had a fever and I was pulling at my ears. My mom called VLC right away to get me in because she thought I might be getting an ear infection. They got me in right away that morning to get checked, Dr. Zak took extra time with me and my mom and sure enough he thought I was probably getting an ear infection. He adjusted me and told my mom to bring me back the following morning. My mom asked him if she should take me to Urgent Care to get anti-biotics for the infection and if she should give me medicine for my fever. He responded with some awesome education about how a fever is just your body trying to rid itself of the infection and he told my mom to hold off on the anti-biotics and to come back in the morning. After that second adjustment I was feeling back to my old self within one day!

I have recently gone through a second possible ear infection and after getting back to back adjustments another ear infection bit the dust! I am now 7 months old and I am killing it in life with never having any medicine or anti-biotics thanks to Dr. Zak !


Bedwetting and UTI’s

Hi, my name is Kaylee and this is my chiropractic story…

I first came to see Dr. Zak when I was 4 years old after I spent an entire year battling a urinary tract infection every two weeks. I would be on anti-biotics for weeks only to find out that the infection was back. I also spent a week at the children’s hospital in Minnesota with the result of no change, I was still having regular UTI’s and couldn’t hold my urine day or night. I was embarrassed to do anything outside of my house because I would need to bring a change of clothes with me.

I instantly had relief after getting adjusted by Dr. Zak! I haven’t suffered from burning urination, bedwetting, UTI’s or had any accidents at all! My mom no longer has to worry about me getting another UTI or being on those awful anti-biotics. I will be able to grow up healthy and strong with the help of Dr. Zak!

My family and I are seen monthly now and for any ailment we come across because we know how important it is for our health! Getting adjusted keeps us happy, healthy and drug free! We love this place, the staff and Dr. Zak!

Thank you Dr. Zak!

~Kaylee and family – Sturgis, SD

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Migraines

Hi, my name is Makayla and this is my chiropractic story…

I came to see Dr. Zak because I have suffered from debilitating migraines since I was 12 years old. I have also been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis since 2009. My migraines would make me nauseous, give me tunnel vision, my neck would lock up, and I would spend my day in darkness. Rheumatoid arthritis made my joints hurt and very weak and I lacked movement in my right wrist. I hadn’t been able to pick up my son for fear of dropping him, I couldn’t open jars or even grip a steering wheel because of the pain.

I have been coming to see Dr. Zak for three months now and I have only suffered two migraines in that time and they were different. I wasn’t down and out all day this time! It used to take me all week to get over them! I feel like I have my life back! My rheumatoid arthritis isn’t affecting my life anymore! I have full range of motion in my joints with no pain at all! I can pick up my son with no fear and I can do all the normal daily tasks with no help!

There are so many things that Dr. Zak has done for me, my husband and our son. I have only touched on the two major things that controlled my life. Dr. Zak gave me my life back and I couldn’t thank him more!

~Makayla K. – Newell, SD

Carpal Tunnel

angie-testimonialI have been a stylist for 11 years and my hands are my most important tool for my job! Over the last few years my hands have gotten so bad that I thought I was going to have to stop doing what I love. My hands would hurt so much by the end of the day that I couldn’t even move them at night. I have also suffered from migraine headaches since I can remember and they have progressively gotten worse. I would get a migraine 1-2 times per month for the last 2 years. I would be so nauseous and dizzy that I couldn’t go to work or take care of my children. It usually took me an extra day to recover from all of the symptoms that came along with the migraines.

Within the first month of coming in for routine chiropractic care my hands felt amazing! I can work all day, five days a week and I have no more pain in my hands at all. My migraines have gotten better too, I haven’t even had one for 3 months now!

I am amazed by how much better I feel since coming to see Dr. Zak! I have more energy and I am pain free! Dr. Zak is the man!

~ Angie L. – Rapid City, SD


hallie-testimonialI first came to see Dr. Zak for migraines and back pain. I had suffered all through middle school and into my freshman year of high school with back pain and severe migraines. I would get a migraine every week and I would lose my vision and the right side of my body would go completely numb. I even ended up in the emergency room for this!

I struggled doing the things I loved such as sports and hanging out with my friends. The migraines along with frequent sickness, fatigue and neck and back pain keep me from doing the things a normal teenage girl does. I had a case of shingles in the fall of 2013. The shingles were on my face, you can imagine how embarrassing that is in high school. So I went to see Dr. Zak and he said he could help! He adjusted me that day and once more that week and my shingles were gone! I only had to deal with it for two days, how amazing is that?

I am happy to say that I no longer have migraines! I can sit through my classes without any pain at all. I can play sports without any pain and I don’t struggle with headaches or being sick so often. I just enjoy life way more since I started seeing Dr. Zak! He is my life saver!

~ Hallie

Sex Drive

Not soon after becoming a new bride, my husband and I moved leaving behind some very close family. Not realizing all the effects that it would have on my emotions, I soon found myself losing my sex drive. Within 6 short months of being married I had virtually lost my sex drive. I was worried that one or both of us would have to try medication to help…and as a new wife, that’s not something you want to think about.

Here I had been coming in to see Dr. Zak for my neck and rib issues not realizing he would unknowingly help me with something so personal! I had started seeing Dr. Zak in September and around Thanksgiving I had rediscovered my drive!! I could not be more thankful for this, especially as a new bride! I walk with more spunk in my step, feel better emotionally and have noticed a difference with my overall health.

My husband and I both see Dr. Zak on a regular basis and will continue to do so as our lives improve daily!

Thank you Dr. Zak!

~ Anonymous – Rapid City, SD


MarciaI have had troubles with severe constipation my entire life. Growing up, I would tell my mom that I was unable to go to the bathroom, and her answer was always to give me Pepto-Bismol. This gave my stomach temporary relief, but never helped my situation. I always did whatever possible to go about my daily life, even though I was one very uncomfortable girl. No matter how I felt inside I always remained very active.

There would be times where I did not have a bowel movement for months… and even a couple times for an entire year. I was diagnosed with IBS two years ago and was given many medications, but they did not make me feel better or help me go to the bathroom. I also really watched my diet. You name it, I tried it. Gluten free, diary free, low FODMAP diet, high fiber and low fiber. NONE of these helped me.

Some days my stomach would feel better but I still remained irregular. This is what led me into Dr. Zak’s office. I was out of options, I thought I had tried everything. I have been under Dr. Zak’s care now for several months, and after only two months I was able to have a bowel movement a couple times a week.

I thought things couldn’t get any better until two months ago, now I have a bowel movement daily! I feel so much better inside and outside these days and it’s all due to Dr. Zak’s work… and no medications needed!

~ Marcia


I was unable to ride horseback anymore because of the pain in my lower back and hips when I tried to ride. I also had problems with constipation and incontinence, both urinary and fecal. How embarrassing!! My sex life had become almost non-existent because of the pain. The medical doctors wanted to send me to Minneapolis because they didn’t know what else to do. I heard there was a new chiropractor in town that was “different” than the others, so I thought I would give him a try.

After my first visit I committed to six months of treatment because for the first time, a doctor actually showed me what was going on! Dr. Zak started treating me and I saw results within a month. Towards the end of the second month I noticed my hips were moving when I walked. I couldn’t believe it the first time I felt it! I now have complete control of my bladder and my bowels. I do not have any constipation issues either! I tried riding horse again after four months and was able to do so with NO pain. Also, for the first time in over two years, I had no pain during intercourse!

I had a follow up appointment with my medical doctor about going to Minneapolis. I told him I did not go, but had seen a chiropractor instead and had excellent results. He rolled his eyes and left the room!

As you can imagine, I am definitely staying on the maintenance plan Dr. Zak has set-up for me. My life is so much more fulfilling today under his care!

Thank you Dr. Zak!

~ Anonymous – Rapid City, SD


Eric DwyerHi, I’m Eric, and this is one of my chiropractic stories…

I never know exactly when my allergies are going to flare up. Several weeks ago I woke up with the tell-tale tickle in my nose, and I anticipated the next days would be a sneeze fest. Sure enough, the following three days found me making frequent trips to the tissue box.

My wife had an appointment with Dr. Zak that week. I tagged along for her adjustments and Dr. Zak noticed I was talking with a twang through my nose. I told him my allergies were going crazy that week. Dr. Zak said, “Let me see if I can help with that.”

I sat down and he adjusted one of the vertebras in my neck. I’m not sure which one. I woke up the next morning and my head was completely clear. Nothing had changed in the outside world. It was still a dry week in Rapid City with no rain or change in the conditions. The only change I experienced was a clearer path from my brain to my nose. Dr. Zak’s hands encouraged that connection to take place. My body could fight the allergy attack all by itself.

Dr. Zak is my allergy defender.

~ Eric Dwyer


Zach RichardsHebrews 12:1 ~ Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. ~

What’s up, I’m Zach Richards and this is my chiropractic story…

I was born pre-mature and I have lived with asthma my whole life (26 years). I was still an active kid growing up and enjoyed running and other sports. However, asthma has hindered my athletic performance and my ability to push myself to the fullest at times. In my middle school through high school years my mile time averaged 7.5 to 8 minutes and I was huffing and puffing throughout my efforts. I have also had to carry a rescue inhaler. I was using my rescue inhaler 20 to 30 times a week. My lungs always felt tight, like I was breathing through a straw. During summers, I used it twice as much due to the pollen season. My peak flow was always low and my asthma was not controlled. Life wasn’t easy growing up with asthma, but I definitely gave it a run for its money.

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One day, my wife surprised me with a chiropractic appointment. You could say I was a little scared about it. I met with Dr. Zak during my first appointment and I told him that I have Asthma and intense lower back pain. After he had taken my X-Rays, he informed me that my lower back pain was due to a spinal fracture (I fell off of a swing post in third grade). He assured me that he would get my back straightened out. He also said, “Asthma? We can fix that! You will not need your inhaler anymore by time I am done with you!” I was very excited to get the process started.

I have been seeing Dr. Zak for the last year and a half now and the results for my back and asthma are AMAZING! My lower back pain is not as intense and I can do daily activities more comfortably. My body is able to perform better. I now use my rescue inhaler about 4 to 5 times a week. I work out 4 days a week and, on average, run 3 miles and lift after each time. There is hardly a time when I have had to use my inhaler after running. I push myself while I run and the results keep me wanting to push myself further. My lungs feel open and I can take deep refreshing breaths. There wasn’t even a difference in my use of the rescue inhaler during the pollen season this year! The peak flow of my lungs is the strongest it has ever been. My asthma feels more controlled after seeing Dr. Zak for only a year and a half. Imagine what I will be able to do after going to Dr. Zak for a lifetime! My life is changed thanks to all the work Dr. Zak has done!

God Bless,
~ Zach Richards – Spearfish, SD

Migraines & Strabismus (Crossed Eye)

TristanI first saw Dr. Zak in 2013 for migraines. Because of my migraines and nerve interference, my right eye crossed impairing my vision completely and causing double vision. I actually stayed in Spearfish (I live 100 miles away) for him to work on it, and was adjusted twice a day for a week which released my eye back to normal. He worked on my migraines for about a year when I started seeing some real improvements. During that time, I went to Mayo Clinic for about two weeks, and returned to continue to see him once a week. At that time, I was having migraines for about 2 weeks straight, pretty much constant. I was also taking medication daily for pain, it was so strong that they said I could only take it for 6 months before it ruined my liver. Now I am medication free! I have seen major improvement to where I only get a migraine about once every 3 months.

Ideally, I see Dr. Zak monthly to keep aligned and keep in the groove! I tell everyone about chiropractic and have sent multiple friends in to Dr. Zak. I full heartedly believe in chiropractic. I was a little skeptical at first but not now! Now we are best friends. He gets a little bitter at me if we don’t see each other often. Beware that Dr. Zak will be upset if you don’t put him as your best friend on National Best Friend Day on Facebook.

~ Tristan

Avoid Surgery & Medication

I have always had labor intense jobs, which require me to be on my feet for long periods of time, leading to my constant lower back pain. A few years ago I started to get muscle spasms in my back about the size of a fifty cent piece. They got so bad that I couldn’t stand in one spot for very long! Around the same time, I also started getting shoulder pain and ringing in my ears. It was then that I knew something had to change!

One of my friends told me about Dr. Zak and how much he had helped her so I made an appointment with him. I have been seeing him since 2013 and I have had much improvement with the functioning of my lower back and shoulder and the ringing in my ears is gone. The best part about it is I didn’t have to have surgery and I didn’t have to take any medications!

Dr. Zak has changed my life. I can’t say enough good things about him.

Thank you!

~ Lou Ann S.

Sense of Smell Restored

KristaI have always been reluctant to go to any type of doctor because I think things will just get better on their own. After many months of my friend, Seanna, hounding me to go to Dr. Zak I finally went. Before I went to Dr. Zak I had continuous back and neck pain. I also had small headaches that I never used to have. And on top of all of that I have had a hard time breathing out of my nose and smelling for about seven years. After visiting Dr. Zak, my neck, back, and headaches went away immediately. After a few weeks of visits I was able to breathe better and could even smell a little bit.

I am so thankful that Dr. Zak treats his patients the way he does. I was extremely scared to go into my first visit and he treated me like a lifelong friend, which made the visit much easier. I know that I’m not fully fixed, but I know that Dr. Zak won’t give up until I’m back to healthy. That is something to admire and that I’m sure all of his patients are grateful for.

~ Krista S.

Pediatric Allergies

CarsonI brought my great-grandson in to see Dr. Zak after I found out that chiropractic can help with sinus issues and breathing. Carson started seeing Dr. Zak for help with his sinuses in the Spring of 2014.

After his first adjustment, we noticed he was breathing much better and his nose wasn’t running near as much.

Carson continues to see Dr. Zak every other month or so to get checked or whenever he has a spill in hockey to make sure that his active body is in its correct working order.

I appreciate Dr. Zak so much and his attitude. He has helped Carson’s sinuses, but he is also one of those people that everyone is drawn to. He has everyone’s best interest at heart. I think the world of all of those guys…they are so helpful to everybody. They are the best!

~ Pam M.

Lower Back Pain

AshleyI started seeing Dr. Zak for lower back soreness and tightness which I had felt for months. The symptoms were severe at first, but I noticed major improvements within weeks of getting adjusted. I was never treated by other doctors or took drugs/medications during this time. I never had any doubts… I totally believe chiropractors are helpful.

My first impression of this office and of Dr. Zak was that they were all very friendly and welcoming. The atmosphere within, including the staff, made me feel comfortable. I have had great results with the issues I came in for but also my sleep has improved significantly.

I would definitely recommend chiropractic to others who are sick, suffering, or in pain. I feel this office has a very natural approach to healing, and the staff is extremely helpful, concerned, and understanding.

~ Ashley U.

Athletic Performance

Abe D.Getting adjusted helps me ride better and recover faster. I try to swing in to see Dr. Zak whenever I am on my way to ride. I do this because I know and feel that I react faster and my body feels more fluid in its movements when I am on a bull.

I also try to stop in anytime I have an injury because I heal faster after an adjustment and can get back to riding sooner. Now that I’m writing this, I realize I’ve been injured less often than before I started chiropractic care.

I’ve been to many Chiropractors that set up at rodeos and Dr. Zak is by far the best I’ve ever seen.

He is detailed and understands exactly what our bodies go through when we are riding. I recommend him to everyone and I know getting regular adjustments help me perform at my best.

~ Abe D.

Hip Pain

For six months I lived with pain. Saw many doctors and had numerous tests. Nobody could figure out why I was in so much pain. Finally I was told a strained and inflamed right hip flexor.

The next day I came to Dr. Zak. I’d never been to a chiropractor and didn’t know what to expect. I’ve been treated with kindness, concern, and respect from the whole staff from the beginning. After my adjustment, I went home and cried (not from pain) but out of relief. At least 70% of my pain was gone. Not only had Dr. Zak relieved my hip pain, but also my shoulder, wrist, hand, and knee pain. Within six weeks I was pain free!

Then two days before my vacation I took a hard fall. Dr. Zak saw me early on a Sunday and adjusted me where I could at least enjoy most of my vacation. I’m truly confident that Dr. Zak will have me pain free again.

I prayed for relief and it came in the form of a man; a truly compassionate, young man. Dr. Zak is a Godsend to me.

Thank you to all of the staff. I really do appreciate your kindness.

~ Tina G.


Becky D.After two accidents in my adolescence I was left with chronic back pain and little hope. Doctors and chiropractors alike told me I could not be healed, would learn to live with the pain and would like