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Meet The Doctors


dr-zac-and-familyMeet Dr. Zak Alfstad

Dr. Zak graduated from the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. After graduation he worked in Spearfish as an associate for two years. Dr Zak is excited to now have his own practice, focusing on family and pediatric care. It is his commitment to give patients the high-quality care that he would expect for his own family.

Desire to Help Others

Dr. Zak had originally aspired to attend medical school, but after being poisoned by a prescription acne medication he knew that he did not want to be a part of possibly causing someone else that pain.

He knew that he wanted to work in health care and be able to help as many people as possible without the risks involved with using medications. Dr. Zak knew upon entering chiropractic school that he had chosen the right path.


dr-adam-carrMeet Dr. Adam Carr

Dr. Carr is from Cameron, a small town in Northwest Wisconsin. Growing up, a strong work ethic was always instilled in him by both of his parents and has never left. After high school Dr. Carr got his Associate degree from UW Barron County. After receiving his Associate, he went to work in construction building and remodeling homes. This career was familiar to him as he had worked with his father ever since he can remember in his father’s construction company which supplemented his law enforcement income.

Dr. Carr has always enjoyed (and still does) working with his hands, but he began to understand the job-insecurity and toll on one’s body that a long-term construction career can have. Because of this he decided to go back to school and received his Bachelor of Science from UW Stout. During his schooling, he reflected on what he wanted in a career. There he gained a deep interest in how the body works and knew he wanted to help people be healthy naturally, the way God intended. Chiropractic filled that criteria.


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